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Discover farmhouses, restaurants and shops of high quality and tradition


DegustiBo is the brand of recognition of excellence created by the Province of Bologna in collaboration with the Fondazione Carisbo and registered with the Chamber of Commerce.


Food and good cooking have always been a fundamental element of the Bolognese identity. Our province is among those with the most certificates: the PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) certificates confirm its values from the plains to the mountains. Recently, however, this characteristic has been joined by another, that of the commercial city (trade fairs, the airport, the project for a new station...), while other areas in our region, with products of high quality but lesser quantity, have managed to create a strong, recognisable identity by focusing on their undoubted excellence.


Our intention with DegustiBo is to set in motion a project which will, on the one hand, take up the history of our territory, linking it to tradition and the numerous products of excellence from the land, and on the other hand, create a virtuous circle between producers and consumers to stimulate the whole provincial economicsystem.



The companies

Città metropolitana di Bologna

Via Zamboni, 13 40126 Bologna - Centralino 051 659 8111 - Codice fiscale/Partita IVA 03428581205
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